Sheena St Clair Jonker

Stories of Lwandle evictees not OK, says ADR lawyer

After 20 years of democracy, and celebrating the spirit of Madiba, the reality of the Lwandle evictions, as reported in Court last week, triggered memories of the old style police treatment in the sad history of this country. As part of a Ministerial Inquiry into the evictions Sheena St. Clair Jonker (main … [Read More...]

Sarah Isaacs TFZ 1

3683 trees planted in Livingstone!

"At first I didn't really understand the full benefits of planting more trees, but Greenpop explained it to me & it is really going to help. Speaking for the whole community, we have cut down many trees for … [Read More...]


Cities need to figure out their stories

More than 100 of the world’s fastest growing cities are in Africa. So said Marlene Laros (main picture), lead author of the newly released “the State of African Cities” report by ICLEI, during the launch at the … [Read More...]


67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

When you think of knitting, what comes to mind? A grey-haired dear? Think again! Knitting is now hip and is being done, en masse, for a good cause. 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day started as a challenge but … [Read More...]


How to save the planet from gold mining

Diamonds are supposed to be forever, however it’s the human love affair with gold that has been truly lasting. For thousands of years, since even before the time of King Tut, gold has been prized for its beauty … [Read More...]

Prof Gunter Pauli, Blue Economy  entrepreneur from Belgium

Defy the rules and change the world

“Don’t accept no for an answer. Defy the rules! It’s the only way we’re going to make the change.” This was the opening statement by Prof Gunter Pauli, Blue Economy  entrepreneur from Belgium, who was the keynote … [Read More...]

Dr Bernard Brom

Fight for your right to natural health

Our rights to natural health are under threat in this country. This since the Department of Health, during November 2013, passed new regulations to control complementary medicines in the same way as pharmaceutical … [Read More...]