Earthimagineers Tour South Africa 2015

Join the Earth Imagineers and reclaim your health and future

The Earth Imagineers Tour covers the birth of a radical new consciousness and explores how the human body is the most potent tool to change the world. It covers new understandings of what the sun is, how the human heart is a frequency generator that can affect all life and how we interact with light to be … [Read More...]

Climate Reality Project

Join the climate coalition

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) is focused on forming a coalition to work with national and local government entities, energy experts, environmental organisations, climate leaders and concerned citizens, … [Read More...]

Fashion Revolution Factory Workers Dead2

Viva la fashion revolution

Recently the world celebrated International Fashion Revolution Day. This day was held in honour of the 1 129 factory workers who died and the 2 515 who were injured when Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh … [Read More...]

March Against Monsanto2

Why we march against Monsanto

A pro-organic, anti-transgenic GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) campaign is being staged in Cape Town, as part of the international event 'March Against Monsanto' being held on 6 continents and over 500 cities … [Read More...]