Oklahoma earthquakes wastewater disposal wells

Oklahoma’s earthquakes triggered by wastewater disposal wells

Scientists say they have uncovered the root cause of Oklahoma's recent onslaught of seismic activity: the oil and gas industry’s disposal of billions of barrels of water underground. Now, as the public absorbs this information, Oklahoma’s regulatory bodies are keeping a watchful eye on these disposal wells … [Read More...]


SA top of world clean energy investment!

For once SA is tops in the world with the rapid rise in our country's clean energy investment. “Since 2012, South Africa has emerged as one of the most important centres for clean energy investment, as it seeks … [Read More...]


You can heal your life and be happy!

“Anybody, no matter their background or circumstances, can learn to be happy, if you are willing to get to know yourself,” says Danish integrative medical doctor Søren Ventegodt, heading our way to run workshops in … [Read More...]