NASA scientist sea level rise

NASA scientist warns of 3-4 meter sea level rise by 2200

It is common knowledge in the climate change scientific community that governments around the world had better be planning for a one-meter rise in global sea levels by the end of this century. What isn't common is for a world-renowned scientist to warn that there could be a greater rise than that before … [Read More...]

Suzan Oelofse

Women in waste making the difference

Often when we think of waste, our minds merely conjure up images of dirty, smelly rubbish heaps and ugly litter along our streets. But there is much more to the topic - waste no longer needs to be a dirty word. … [Read More...]


Take special care during the supermoon

Today we throw the environmental net wider, in line with our definition of ‘green’ meaning health  – that of the planet and all her creatures, and always honouring the intricate interdependence between all in the … [Read More...]