Al Gore, Chairman of Generation Investment Management, speaks during the opening ceremony of the climate summit at the UN headquarters. Image: Xinhua News Agency/REX

Green growth fitfully turning into reality

Ahead of the climate conference in Paris, there is increasing discussion of a new way forward that does not depend on international agreements. The United Nations Climate Summit in New York last week passed with many promises, but no firm pledges. Most notably, China’s vice-premier Zhang Gaoli promised his … [Read More...]

KZN drought

KZN farmers still desperate for rain

Farmers around KwaZulu-Natal are hoping fervently that the rain that has fallen in parts of the province since Saturday night will spell the end of a period of drought that is threatening to ruin many of … [Read More...]

climate march new york

The biggest climate march ever!

Months ago, the Avaaz community decided on a crazy goal - the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Last week, they blew past their wildest expectations, with a climate march 6 times the size of … [Read More...]

Patrick Dowling

A Cape Town story of 21st September

Cape Town's Climate Change gathering was rallied together in two weeks and the fact that 200 people turned up on a beautiful Sunday at such short notice confirms Cape Town’s conscience about doing what is good and … [Read More...]