Helping underprivileged learners in SA find their way

“Real change only comes from being actively involved in communities and the environment.” This was proven by an inspiring story where a powerful corporate company reached out to a struggling school and more than transformed it into a shining example of success, but also spirited it into a leadership … [Read More...]

Mozambique and Malawi floods cause havoc

Mozambique and Malawi floods cause havoc

A major highway in Mozambique has split after two bridges collapsed as a result of heavy flooding that has killed 25 people and displaces tens of thousands in the country, officials say. Parts of the country are … [Read More...]

Complete Create Workshop Series 2015

Living Life on Purpose

Where is it I really want to go this year and what is it most fills my heart and soul with joy? This is a question you begin to contemplate at this time of the year. Yet for most people, 95 percent of next year … [Read More...]

Max du Preez

Stop complaining and do-it-yourself

Do you want things to be done, and done properly, in 2015? Then do it yourself. Behave as if government is not going to deliver any services, and if it does, see that as a bonus. The poor management and planning, … [Read More...]