DISTRIBUTED FOR AVAAZ - Phillipine delegate for climate negotiations Yeb Sano delivers his global Avaaz petition to delegates at the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, backed by over 630,000 citizens around the world and climate activists calling for urgent action to prevent more super Typhoons like Haiyan, in Warsaw, Poland Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013. (Alik Keplicz/AP Images for Avaaz)

Join the climate fast

Elma Pollard and the Green Times has joined the Climate Fast on the first day of every month to stand with thousands of others fasting for action on climate change. A growing movement of youth, environmentalists and … [Read More...]

neoliberalism postcapitalism age sharing

The end of capitalism has begun

Without us noticing, we are entering the post-capitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to … [Read More...]


Protect our oceans from seabed mining!

Massive companies are rushing to mine the fragile ocean floor. But the twenty-four people who make the rules are meeting this week, and we can stop this plunder if we back scientists’ warnings with a massive wake-up … [Read More...]

Nigel Williams, Eco-Logic Awards

Enter the 2015 Eco-Logic Awards today

The time has come for the Eco-Logic Awards 2015. Through these awards, The Enviropaedia recognises and honours organisations and individuals that provide products or services that nurture Planet Earth. With the … [Read More...]