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Complete Create Series 2015

January 31, 2015 @ 08:30 - 15:30


Complete Create Series 2015

“Where is it I really want to go this year and what is it that most fills my heart and soul with joy?”

The way we as a human race live is mostly not at all in alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of life … if we look at the radical shift in the amount of information we receive on a daily basis, many of us can relate to feeling like a hamster on a wheel spinning out of control, not having time to ever truly reflect, is this still where I want to be going?

We have goals, commitments, dreams, intentions that we set for ourselves and never get to … the way we live creates consistent little in-completions that if we don’t clean up, end up using all of our energy and vitality, which in turn takes away from the energy we could be channeling into our creations. Instead of being this beautiful flowing vehicle for expansion and growth, the feeling we experience inside is one of an old lorry plodding along with flat tyres and the hand brake on. On our face we do not show this so we live resorting to all sorts of chemicals to give us the strength to continue to get by.

The Complete Create workshop series has been created as an opportunity for you to get back into the natural flow and rhythm of life, giving you time to recognise and clean up all the incomplete stuff and to regain a huge sense of energy, take time to reflect and acknowledge every way in which you are expanding, to give yourself credit for your growth, and from there to have the time and the space to get into creation, so that you can stop, get off the wheel and ask yourself …

For you to be in the most powerful position to achieve the results you want, you need to have 100% access to your creative power, such that all your energy can flow naturally into what you want to achieve.   This powerful workshop provides the space for you to create completion with everything you have and have not achieved last year and reclaim all your energy tied up in the baggage you’ve accumulated so that you can feel energised and ready for 2015.

A Complete Create workshop is run each quarter to ensure that you remain in the optimum condition to create this year as your best year ever!

Join us for a series of workshops to create COMPLETION such that you can powerfully CREATE
unhindered and on a clean slate.

  • Would you gain value from attending a series of workshops that gives you awareness training on how to be the most powerful in manifesting your goals and dreams?
  • Would it inspire you to have time to reflect on your accomplishments?
  • Would you benefit from spending dedicated time to design the year you would most want to experience?
  • Would you enjoy engaging in a process that provides regular opportunities to stay on track with your goals?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then say YES to joining us for the Complete Create Series 2015!
Complete Create is symbolic of living in perfect harmony with the natural flow and rhythm of life … when you think and feel into nature … there is constant evolution and growth, renewed energy and vitality, always movement … inhale exhale inhale exhale … so actually nature is in constant creating … it knows where it is going and what its purpose is and it simply, effortlessly expands into its natural evolution.

Complete CREATE 2015                             31 January 2014                     R900

CREATE 2015 Check-in #1                         21 March 2015                        R900

CREATE 2015 Check-in #2                        20 June 2015                           R900

CREATE 2015 Check-in #3                        19 September 2015                 R900

Complete 2015 CREATE 2016                   05 December 2015                 R900

  • Live Life on Purpose
  • Remain energised and on track all year
  • Regularly celebrate your achievements
  • Create the experience that you want to have this year
  • Enter your year-end break refreshed and inspired for 2015

To reclaim your Energy & Vitality that is wasted by not living life on purpose you invest only R4050 for all 5 workshops (R810 per workshop). Click here to register now.

Register 3 of your friends and you invest only R2025

And that is not all
….. register 6 of your friends and you participate for FREE

“I am still amazed at how my life shifted by attending the Complete Create Series this year … There is no way I would miss the 2014 Complete Create Series, knowing now the value of attending them.”  Isabelle, Dec 2013

For more info and registration click here or send an email to michele@energyandvitality.co.za.


January 31, 2015
08:30 - 15:30
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Michele Hinds


Unnamed Venue
Cape Town, + Google Map
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