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Green Business Seminar

December 5, 2012 @ 08:00 - 17:00

finding-a-greener-angleThis will be discussed at the Green Business Seminar, an Alive2green event that is taking place in Cape Town next week, 5 December at the Pavillion Convention Centre, V & A Waterfront. This exciting 1-day seminar will take a laser-focussed look at the issues that are driving competitive advantage for companies in the Green Economy and provide practical insights into the strategies and tactics that are being used by the ‘green stars.’

Entering the Green Economy is relatively simple for almost any category of business and the Seminar seeks to demystify Green Business for those that have not yet chosen a green journey and reinforce the key principles and practices for those that already have.

The format of the Green Business Seminar will be based on presentations and panel discussions involving international experts and leaders in their respective fields, who will provide delegates with real, practical insights for application in South African business. A facilitator will guide sessions towards desired outcomes and will promote audience participation and debate. Emphasis will be placed on applied learning and the sharing of tactical information.

The 2 Modules of the Green Business Seminar each consist of three sessions which include a brief power presentation and an ensuing panel discussion.

The event is sponsored by 49M and is going to attract business decisions makers from small to large corporations that need more information about the following aspects of Green Business:

  • Values
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Compliance

module 1: What is the Green Economy?

Green Economy is a term that is often used in a broad or very loose context. It is not simply a synonym for a low-carbon economy and it is also not a business club of organisations who have employed environmental PR agencies. Green economics is concerned with a system of environmentally responsible organisations that exist and grow because they do business with each other – they consistently increase the extent to which they produce and consume greener products and services.

Companies that are operating in the Green Economy are reducing their environmental impact and reducing the impact that their products have on the environment in their lifecycle.
Eco-interventions in the supply chain can bring about efficiency and increased margin. They are also linked with increases in quality and can provide the organisation with the ultimate opportunities for leverage and success in the Green Economy. The way in which an organisation records, reports and reduces

Delegates attending this module should learn from practical insights that will assist them to:

  • Properly understand the dynamics and the incentives inherent in a Green Economy
  • Develop an outcomes based sustainability plan
  • Use the key elements of sustainability to identify ecological footprint
  • Understand scope and materiality – the identification and management of the core impacting activities
  • Contemplate the various environmental tools and systems that are available for use in South Africa
  • Calculate potential savings and returns from environmental investments and interventions
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Maximise efficiency and therefore margin across the supply chain

The Green Business Seminar2

module 2: leveraging reporting to drive competitive advantage

Module 2 is concerned with leveraging the company’s environmental reporting and interventions for competitive advantage. Practical presentations, panel discussions and case-studies will inform delegates about how to position the environmentally responsible organisation for opportunity and growth.

Green Economy companies that are achieving competitive advantage are doing so by leveraging their achievements internally (to staff and shareholders) and externally (to customers and suppliers). These companies do this by understanding how to report, communicate and market the information that they are gathering along their path towards sustainability. They understand which information to communicate to which stakeholders and what platforms to use and are engaging their stakeholders personally and authentically.

Delegates attending this module should learn from practical insights that will assist them to:

  • Know why and how they should report on sustainability
  • Know which information needs to be reported and to who
  • Learn how the best green companies are communicating with their stakeholders
  • Know which information to release publically and how to present facts and standards effectively and ethically
  • How to arm the sales force with the best data in order to be more competitive
  • Grow business reputation in the right circles
  • Position the organisation for opportunity


December 5, 2012
08:00 - 17:00
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