Sylvia Earle And Filmmaker Enathi Mqoleli, SST

Power of the ‘sweet spot in time’ generation

Sometimes, the desire to simply abstain from watching the news is overwhelming. Sometimes, it seems as though every aspect of modern society is drowning in a mire of hopeless negativity- proved by one more act of atrocious violence, one more case of political negligence, one more rhino slaughtered in a game … [Read More...]

Nigeria joins the world climate march

Nigeria joins the world climate march

Climate Change is a matter of justice. The world’s most vulnerable people have done the least to cause global warming and yet they are suffering most from its devastating efforts. Climate Change threatens to … [Read More...]

Patrick Ngowi. Image: Answers Africa.

African innovations changing the world

With the rapid rate increase of  information sharing, often bad news flies the fastest. I would rather hear good news. However, good news is sometimes hard to find. Especially when it relates to Africa. For … [Read More...]