DAFF Female Entrepreneur Awards Farmers2

If you ate today, thank a farmer

‘If you ate today, thank a farmer.’ It goes without saying that it doesn’t matter who you are, we all need farmers to survive. We may have different eating habits and preferences; some are vegans, whilst others cannot do without their steak. On the other hand some need their organic tea, whilst others have … [Read More...]

Grizzly after Vondis pet food skin condition

The story of Grizz on happy food

When your best friend goes down you can end up with your hands in your hair for natural solutions, or any solutions which actually work. I adopted a rescue puppy some three years ago from a pretty dire situation. … [Read More...]

africa green renewable energy

How will Africa adapt to green energy?

US President Barack Obama has unveiled a final set of rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a big initiative which would form a major plank of his legacy as he winds down his term in office. In what has been … [Read More...]


‘Cecil who?’ Zimbabweans ask

Cecil the Zimbabwean lion has gained more worldwide prominence in death than it ever did during its lifetime. Since Simba of “The Lion King” fame, no other lion has captured the world’s imagination in this way. The … [Read More...]